Storm Damage Restoration

Did a storm damage your property? Broken or missing shingles, visible damage or debris on your siding and roof, and water damage in your ceiling are all signs that your property may have been damaged in a storm. We offer emergency repairs so your problems can be resolved as soon as possible.

Common causes of storm damage

Wind Damage

Tornados, hurricanes, and violent storms can strip shingles off a roof or damage the siding of a building. These dangerous winds may leave your property exposed to potential water damage or further destruction from debris.

Water Damage

Water damage can be detrimental to the internal structure of your home or office. Read more about water damage and our water restoration process here.

Impact Damage

Flying or falling objects during a storm can potentially devastate your property. Whether a falling tree has impacted your home’s roof or debris has damaged your office building’s window, our team can help.

Why Choose Five Stars Restoration for Storm Damage Restoration?


Fast Response Time

Storms are unpredictable and can be detrimental to your property. We want your home or office to be repaired and safe as soon as possible so you can return to life as normal.


24/7 Service

Storms can damage your home or office space at any time. We provide 24/7 scheduling and services, so you don’t have to wait to protect your property.


Highly Trained Specialists

Repairing your home or office is not always an easy task. Luckily, we have a team of experts ready to tackle any restoration project. Call today and trust that your property is in good hands.