Mold Remediation and Removal

Got mold? As remediation experts, we can safely remove mold and mildew from your property. Water damage, humidity, and certain insulation can all cause mold development in your home and office. Our team of professionals will contain and stop the expanding mold in your space to prevent further growth.

Signs of Mold on Your Property

Visible Mold

Sometimes mold and mildew are clearly visible, maybe between the cracks in your floor tiles or under your kitchen sink. However, even if you don’t see mold, here are a few signs it may be hiding in your property.

Musty Smell

An ongoing musty smell, especially in an area that experiences a lot of humidity, may be a sign of unwanted mold and mildew growth.

Lingering Water Damage

Mold can also be caused by water damage and leaking pipes, so if you have recently dealt with any excess or leaking water, be sure to check your surroundings for mold growth.

Health Illnesses

Lastly, while mold isn’t always toxic, it can often impact the health of those around it. If you or someone else on your property are experiencing continuous feelings of illness, mold may be the culprit.

Common Places for Mold to Grow

Mold and mildew love any space that’s dark and humid. If you’re concerned about mold growth in your property, it’s most likely to occur in spaces like your attic, basement, furnace, beneath your sink, or near AC units.

Mold Restoration Services for Commercial and Residential Customers
Cleaning and disinfecting the contaminated mold area

Mold Remediation Process

The mold remediation process begins with the containment of the mold or mildew in order to prevent further spread. Then, our team uses industrial tools to mitigate the spread of mold spores throughout your space. Next, our team of professionals cleans and disinfects the contaminated areas with specific chemicals and cleaners to remove the mold without damaging your property. If any part of your property was significantly affected by mold contamination, our team will finish by repairing or restoring the impacted areas.

Why Choose Five Stars Restoration for Mold Remediation?


Fast Response Time

Trust us, mold spreads fast! Our team of experts will contain and remove the mold on your property as soon as possible.


24/7 Service

We are available for mold remediation and removal services 24/7. Schedule an appointment at any time.


Highly Trained Specialists

Our team is made up of highly trained specialists who are prepared to remedy your home or office from mold invasion.