Fire Damage Restoration

Unsure how to restore your property after a fire? Five Stars Restoration LLC’s experts can help return your home or office to pre-fire conditions. Whether you’re dealing with smoke damage, excess water damage, or general damage from the fire, our team of professionals can help.

Our Fire Damage Restoration process


Damage Assessment

Our team of experts begins by assessing the extent of the fire’s impact. We use this information to determine whether the fire damage on your property includes water damage, smoke damage, or other significant problems.


Water Damage Restoration

After a fire is put out, homes and offices are often left with excessive water in or around the building. If untreated, this water can lead to further damage to the structure. Read more about water damage and our water damage restoration process here. We will remove excess water from your property and begin the drying process immediately.


Smoke and Soot Removal

If left untreated, smoke and soot in your home or office can be unpleasant and dangerous. We will work to quickly remove any smoke or soot that may have traveled throughout your space to minimize any further damage to your property.


Professional Cleaning

Debris, odors, and residual soot are often found on properties that have recently experienced fire damage. Our team works to clean and sanitize your space with our industrial equipment so it looks as good as new.


Final Restoration

Lastly, we professionally restore the damaged property in your home and office. Our team of experts will paint, reinstall materials or appliances, and reconstruct your space until it is as close to pre-fire conditions as possible. Call us today to begin the fire restoration process.

Why Choose Five Stars Restoration for Fire Damage Restoration?


Fast Response Time

Fires don’t wait. We can have a team of experts on your property as soon as possible.


24/7 Service

We want your property back to pre-fire conditions as quickly as possible. We provide 24/7 scheduling and services, so you can begin your restoration process any day and at any time.


Highly Trained Specialists

Our team of experts is ready to tackle every step of your fire restoration project. Call us today and trust that your property is in good hands.